“I must take a moment to tell you that the staff at Blue Sage …”

I must take a moment to tell you that the staff at Blue Sage, specifically Chad and Reanna, is absolutely the best I’ve ever seen. I’m so, so happy I placed mom there they take such good care of her …. They are dedicated, friendly and we work very well together, you couldn’t ask for a better team. I mostly deal with Chad and/or Reanna, and sometimes Victor. They are all the most professional and caring individuals I’ve ever encountered since entering this journey 3 ½ years ago.
Karen Pulley

“Bright & Open Spaces”

My father-in-law is here currently and everything is going good so far. The staff is really nice and I really like them. I haven’t had a chance to try the food but my father-in-law likes it, he hasn’t complained about it or anything and he loves food. My husband says the facility and the activities are really nice, he went there the other day and said that they had singers and entertainers. I used to work in a nursing home so you can really tell when a place is clean or not and this place doesn’t smell like anything other than clean. I think for the money that we’re paying, he’s receiving the care that he needs. It’s bright and open here, it looks nicer and there’s more space and I like that. I would definitely recommend them any time.
Resident Familty Member

“Good experience!”

I enjoyed my visit to Blue Sage Assisted Living. The care takers are attentive to the residents. It was a good experience! Former Resident