Making the Move

It is common for older adults to be concerned about moving into an assisted living facility. There may be concerns about senior living organizations, about giving up the things they love, or about not being able to do as they like. Here are a few of the advantages & benefits your loved one will enjoy at Blue Sage.

Living At Home Alone Blue Sage Assisted Living
DINING Eating tasteless, pre-made meals alone Table service; eating with your friends; freshly prepared meals
EXERCISE No access to age appropriate exercise programs Fitness programs designed to help optimize mobility and strength
SOCIAL LIFE Isolation without social activities Company of other residents; entertainment opportunities
TRANSPORTATION Reliance on others for rides to stores and appointments Availability of transportation for shopping, appointments and outings
EMERGENCY ASSISTANCE No guarantee that help is immediately available 24/7 staff with an emergency response system
INDEPENDENCE Burdensome dependence on family and friends Helpful staff assists in providing independent living


We strive to provide the best possible elder care services for our residents. To schedule a tour, or if you have questions regarding our assisted care homes, please call our licensed manager, Chad Kline @ 480.900.7183 If you prefer email, please send your inquiry to:

Thank you.

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