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As mother and son, Kathy Moore and Nick Blue founded Blue Sage Assisted Living from a unique perspective and with the goal of creating a loving environment and intimate setting with quality assisted living care, healthy food and a scenic backdrop. Their decision making principles can best be explained in their own words: “When it comes to questions regarding an elderly care facility, or the property as a whole, we ask ourselves ‘Would we want to live in this home? Would we want our mother or father to live here?’ If the answer is ‘No’, or we hesitate for any reason, then we make a change, it is really that simple,” says Kathy.

Additionally, Nick points out “When we first founded Blue Sage, we did so with the promise to ourselves and one another that we would only create homes that we could be proud of, where our residents could live safely with dignity and surrounded by only the upper echelon of loving caregivers. After seeing other assisted living homes in the Phoenix area we knew there was an opportunity to provide something better. Blue Sage represents that mission and we will continue to ensure our assisted care homes live up to that promise.”


Shawn Hern has joined the Blue Sage team as the Licensed Manager and Executive Director. He has been in healthcare for 16 years.

Shawn began his experience as a certified nursing assistant in Indiana. While attending college, he worked full-time at a nursing home and took care of his mother who, as a severe diabetic, received dialysis treatments. He quickly learned his heart was set to care for others. Since his mother’s passing in 2010, he moved to Arizona where he successfully gained employment as an Executive Director and achieved a ‘perfect survey’ while transitioning distressed communities within Arizona and Oregon.

Shawn is a Certified Dementia Practitioner, First Aide/CPR Instructor and has recently been selected as a nominee board member of Arizona Assisted Living Home Association. In his spare time, Shawn enjoys keeping up on the latest home makeover trends, taking part in small real-estate investment properties, and traveling with his family.

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